SEO Training | learn seo | do it yourself | we did it !!

SEO Training | learn seo | do it yourself | we did it !!

SEO Training

How we got to page one on the search engines

Seo & How do we do it.?

Our seo training has paid dividends in increased sales.

So what is SEO - it is Search Engine Optimisation, optimisation of your website or web page so that it rises in popularity in the eyes of a search engine

We started our seo work by working out which of the keywords we wanted to get found on the internet for, these words will relate to the business you are in or are promoting.

Our next stage of seo was working on the pages of our website and the content - the search engines like content & content that is relative to the subject on the website page you are on.

The page title has then to be thought out - the page title needs to relative to the content on the page and not too long either - make sure you use the title to your advantage - make it unique - do not copy anyone else.

Unique - the search engines like unique content too - it must be different to everyone else out there on the internet. So for good seo - be different

Internal linking structure - make sure you have no broken links on the site and that you can navigate easily from page to page and category to category

Sitemap - ensure you have one - helps the spiders and robots move around your website.

So where did we learn all this stuff - well we researched the web and read ebook's to get the background knowledge of what to do.

Seo training is simple and can lead to higher sales if you study the seo training books that are out there, we would recommend you read more than one seo training book - as more than one opinion can help your seo for sure.

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